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  • hi everyone. I'm a new guy here, and i want to ask some question about physic, i'm in trouble with it. ( i'm come from Vietnam, sry about my poor English).

    i creat 2 object, 1 is ground and box is another, and i add a physic option to both of 2 object, ground with immovable = yes, and box immovable =no. when i test it, the box fall down to the ground, but i found something wrong... the box not touch the ground completely. I can see a tiny crack between box and ground. And yes, i do open construct examples (Physics - rolling platformer) and i saw boxs fall to ground and it touch completely to it without any tiny crack. anyone help me .

  • If you have the Collision mask property set to "Use collision polygon", make sure that the collision polygons for both of them are correct.

    1. Right-click the object.

    2. Choose Set animations

    3. Click the icon on the left side of the image editor that says "Set collision polygon".

    4. Move the points to the corners of the box. You can also right-click to add or remove points.

  • yes, i checked it, but it still have a crack... First, i copy 2 object in Physics- rolling platformer and paste it into the new project, i tested it and i saw the tiny crack between Ground and Shield. And i copy 2 object ground and shield in my new project and paste it again into The example... Test it, and the Shield completely touch the Ground ... oh my god.

    here my capx

  • maybe i found some bug ??

  • You have set the Colission Mask to Bounding Box. Change it to Colission Polygone, then you can make the Polygone of the ground a litte smaller.

    BTW: There are no Physic Bugs by default <img src="smileys/smiley2.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

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  • ok, thank you my friend. i can do it now . thx a lot.

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