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  • guys how i able to make an object can't pass trough another object

    here's the case

    im making two char object moving with the mouse / object follow mouse and i want every time the object1 which the one i move with mouse collide with object2 the object2 stay still and prevent the object1 to go any further.. just like a solid rock

    i tried using physic on my objects but when the object1 collide with object2 it always make object2 move or thrown away.. like there is a force from object1 causing it.. i tried set my object elasticity to 0 but it seems no effect on it

    i using solid behavior also and deleting my physic behavior i use solid on two of my object and the result is object1 pass trough object2 like there's no mass or density..

    i hope anyone can help me with this problem

    thanks before

  • Did you set object2's physics parameter 'Immovable' to 'Yes'?

  • Did you set object2's physics parameter 'Immovable' to 'Yes'?

    no i set immovable to "no" if i set 'yes' the object pass trough it

    i set density to 500

  • you should just set object1 to immovable "no" and object2 to "yes"

    but i dont understand, you are moving both object with follow mouse? than this will override everything and physics wont work,

    providing a capx is always handy to see what you are doing

  • does this come close to what you want?


  • Hi vtrix heres my example

    i actually have 2 object character and moving by a click on the objct and the object sprite will follow mouse i set this on both objct character if i click on of the sprite then the object follow to mouse x or y, problem is seems the physic won't work with this and both object sprite keep pass through each other...

    my example

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  • is there any change for construct to create multi character sprite?

    i mean more than 1 character objct? moving alternately depend on time we click

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