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  • Hi Ashley,

    In my game before Update 69 my Player worked well now it does not turn

    correctly because of the "Auto Mirror/Flip" Property Change.

    This is what worked well before:

    Keyboard|On Left arrow|Player| Set animation?Player_Stand_Right?



    Keyboard| Left arrow| Player    | Set angle to 180 degrees

              is down   | Player    | Set animation ?Player_Run_Right?

    Keyboard|On Right arrow |Player|Set animation?Player_Stand_Right?


    Keyboard|Right arrow is|Player|Set animation?Player_Run_Right?


    The Player only has a right Stand & Run animation.

    Could you please show me how to do the same with the new process.

    Many Thanks

  • Sorry I forgot to state the problem, Player starts of on platform animation right,when left arrow is pressed the player turns left, but under the new upgrade 69 when the right arrow is pressed again he walks backwards and is not mirrored as he should be. tried the Mirrored Action in Player but cannot get the counter action.

  • As stated in the changelog for r69 (useful things to read)

    nstead Sprite now has two actions: 'set mirrored' and 'set flipped' which allow you to control this at any time, rather than tied to the angle. [...] You will need to change your 'set angle' actions that you needed with auto-mirror to 'set mirrored'.

  • Read every word of the changelog and tried set mirrored before posting message. It worked for Right To Left, but not back again from Left to Right, Player walked backward. !!.

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  • In your event "Right arrow is down" (or pressed)

    .. Sprite set Not mirrored

    .. Sprite simulate control right

    demo capx

  • Many thanks Kyatric, I failed to see the dropdown box with "Not mirrored".

    in it.

    The demo was great <img src="smileys/smiley20.gif" border="0" align="middle" />

  • Yes, very helpful advice and demo capx, Kyatric. Thanks!

    Just wondered why you added:

    .. Sprite simulate control right/left

    Don't you get this automatically for the arrow keys with Platform behavior?

  • Velojet: Indeed.

    Well there was some trouble previously when using yes or no on "Default controls" that was fixed in a recent release.

    Or maybe just I was in the zone/used to do so and added it. I can't really remember, to be honest.

    As you noticed, it is not an obligation to use the simulate functions in that specific case.

  • Thanks for your clarification, Kyatric. May you stay in the zone!

    Joyeux N�el !

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