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  • I know its off topic but i need help.Whats the best program to draw the background for my side scrolling game?Can I make this game in C2?

    And another thing,theres a way to have chances on my game?

    Example 1:Player kills monster1,monster1 have 50% of droping gold and 50% of droping nothing.

    Example 2:Player opens a chest.He has 50% of getting a sword and 50% of getting nothing.

    Another thing.How do i put music for each map i want?

    Example:When player enter map forest wait 30 seconds and play music 1.

    And random musics?How do i do it?

    sorry for a lot of questions lol

  • Chances are easy. Use the random() function.

    Make instance variable gold_chance.

    So when monster dies set instance variable gold_chance to floor(random(2)). This will give you a number of either 1 or 0.

    if gold_chance = 1 then drop gold

    if gold_chance = 0 then drop no gold.

    Hope I helped!

  • There is no best program to draw, it is mostly a matter of tastes.

    To this (often asked) question the answers often given are :

    Gimp,, gale graphics (all free software more or less complex).

    If you have mean or want to be hype you can always check photoshop too. (but it will cost you a kidney).

    For the random sounds/music, a search on the forum would have lead you to this topic.

  • Uhh ok thanks...

    But this "gold chance" only work if the drop % is the same for all items right?How I make something like this:

    Chest item drop rate:




    And player have chances to drop 2 or more items at the same time.He can get gold and sword at the same time,for example.

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  • Regarding the random treasure, does this help?


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