How do I make art for my game

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  • How can I make graphics for my game I really need help I'm not talking about pixel art which look horrible to me I need a good art like Super Meat Boy or Castle Crashers I can practice by drawing but still need help to animate and draw to make a game I can spent 6 months to learn but need tips and tutorials to get started

  • hmmm you can use spriter pro they got a free thingy you can use and its really good cause they allow to add in bone where you need to. Its really handy. And just with any art you cant learn it as fast as code. You need to start with basic shape first and then revise from there so that you can slowly adapt to an art style that makes you happy. Id suggest start with MS paint at least the newer version or if you want you can try to use gimp but i cannot for the love figure that out.

    Id also turn to you tube for it there is alot of animator and artist who are willing to teach the ways.

    Only you can define what is good Art.

  • Practice. Seriously.

    Otherwise, try

  • Do you know how to use Photoshop type software? Image files such as .png are an excellent way to make all your game art without having to draw any of your own. A .png image file just means that it has a transparent background. Here is a couple screenshots of games made with only Photoshop and Construct2

  • How much can i learn in 6 months to get started working on a good game for software i already have illustrater and Photoshop for example i need to make a platformer how can i design a concept and make it through the end to make a good graphics

  • Learn anatomy. Learn perspective. Learn color theory. I would suggest you join Create art, post it on there and get feedback and critique from other artists. I think it's a great way to learn and improve.

    Isn't Super Meat Boy entirely pixel art? I wouldn't knock pixel art, if you've never created art before, creating pixel art similar to the SNES would be a lot easier than creating high res art that looks like it's straighy outta Rayman Origins. I recommend joining and if you want to learn pixel art. Lots of great artists on there happy to help you improve your craft.

    Read the animators survival kit by Richard Williams to learn how to animate like a boss.

  • Thanks for information but how much time will it take to me to get started making my professional game for Pixel and vector i mean how many months minimum

  • Which method do you guys use to make art for your game??

  • has some fantastic tutorials for vector graphics, Inkscape in particular.

    How many months minimum? Depends on how much time you have to spend. Professionals can be self taught or go to school for years. If you don't go to school or have a job and dedicate yourself to following tutorials and practicing, you should be able to progress quickly.... But that of course depends on each person's own aptitude.

  • If i invest 4 hours daily by practicing for about 6 months what will be the result also 4 hours daily for pixel for straight 6 months thanks for help though P. S is my English good I'm just asking you know I'm not a native speaker :-!

  • No one can predict the future. You'll just have to try and find out for yourself.

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  • Here are a couple screenshots of games that were made from different pics downloaded from google images, edited in Photoshop and saved as sprites in Construct2. Didn't have to draw anything.

  • ... you can add an effect to make it look more like a cartoon and even make your animations in Photoshop too.

  • I think you can learn a lot if you dedicate 4 hours a day for 6 months! No one can guess at your results. You can find tons of tutorials online and on youtube on how to learn different programs though!

    I use GraphicsGale, Pyxel Edit and Photoshop. Inkscape and Kirta are two very powerful free tools used often by indie devs I think. Oosyrag link looks like a great way to learn Inkscape and learn how to create some nice simple expressive artwork.

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