Arrays could store strings?

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  • I tried a simple thing.

    System (on start of layout) -> Array (set value at 0 to "test")

                                -> Text (set text to str(

    But text displayed "0" instead of "test".

    Could you help? Thanks.

  • Should work, you can lose the str() when getting value from the array.

  • The Array object does support strings. Are you sure you didn't make a zero sized array?

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  • Thanks vee41 and Ashley. Actually my code is like that

    Empty event -> Array (set value at 0 to "test")

    System (on start of layout) -> Text (set text to str(

    I'm planning a multi-level puzzle. All levels will share the same layout. I have an array that keeps all the levels info. When user skipped to new level, after the reset layout action, i don't want to reload array again.

    So i put an empty event an the top of the event sheet. But in event order it still works as second i think

  • I think arrays are global by default, so if you just load your array at the beggining of the game it shouldn't be a problem.

    Did you get this to work? I actually ran into something similar some time ago and I gave up when I noticed that the dictionary object was better for what I wanted to do (multiple lines of text).

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