Arrays problems (getting value with randomization)

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  • Hi everyone, I've checked, probably 5 or 6 arrays tutorials and also all the arrays related stuff in the "How do I" topic by Kyatric but I haven't found the solution for my problem.

    I have an 2D array filled with monsters. Here's an example :

    (0,0) "Blue Slime" //name

    (0,1) 1 // level

    (0,2) 3 // HP

    (0,3) 1 // XP

    (1,0) "Red Slime

    (1,1) 1

    (1,2) 5

    (1,3) 3

    I also have a monster sprite will all animation frame setted to 1 monster visual.

    Frame 0 for Blue slime and Frame 1 to red slime here.

    I want to spawn one any of the level 1 monster in my array. In this case both Blue Slime and Red Slime can be spawned since they are both level 1. To have the right visual I want to changed the animation frame of the sprite related to the monster.

    So, how can I find all Level 1 monsters in my array (for instance I have 89 monsters in it) and choose one of them at random and spawn it by switching my sprite animation frame related to the monster chosen?

    Thanks !

  • Here is an example. The meat of it is the function "Populate"

    If you need help with the random picking, let me know. But now you have an array that is populated with all level 1 monsters, you can just pick a random one.

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  • I completed ArcadEd example with another function to retrieve the index of a random monster of the wanted level.

    You can then store that index in a local variable to get all the info you want on that monster !

  • Thanks guys ! I'll have a look at those right now.

  • Thanks again guys, I've tried this and that works perfectly.

    Magistross, there's one thing I don't understand though.

    After the "for each" on the array, you have another condition to check if Array.CurX, 1) = Function.Param(0)

    I understand what it does but I don't understand how this works with the for each condition.

  • It's an iteration on the X axis only. So for each X (or monster in our case), check if its level (y = 1) is equal to the first function parameter (desired level). If it is, I add the current index to the list of candidates.

    I could have done a normal for loop, but since the array was set in such a manner, using the built in for each X axis was easier at that time.

  • Allright ! Way clearer now. Thanks a lot :)

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