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  • My original idea was to use Tiled MapTiled Map Editor and export as a .PNG just to setup test scenes.

    Sounds fine (as a test)

    I realized I didn't have a plan to go further with map setup. I looked around and noticed things about "Arrays" and more about how Tiled Map Editor exports to XML buuut, Construct doesn't support that.

    So, arrays. I suppose I wouldn't neccessarily be asking this if I knew much about arrays so.. I don't (sorry). What I would like to do is have the system gather information in an array to lay the tiles down. Then when it comes to doors opening and things I'd like to be able to trigger updating the map once the array changes.

    Any help?

    P.S : Most tile plugins and things are about Construct Classic. I was never apart of Construct Classic so I have a feeling the community will be able to get me started way better than I alone will be able to.


    Note: First post on the second page has an interesting read. <img src="smileys/smiley19.gif" border="0" align="middle">

    Edit: Most people seem to talk about having a number or letter represent a tile. And I've also heard from another post that Ashley mentioned creating a sort of map editor but there's no ETA.

  • CSV plugin can help you edit the array offline, this is an


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  • I found two interesting programs to help with CSV producing. (Tried it out) (Have not tried it yet)

    Now I just need to figure out how to make it put down the tiles like in your example above xD.

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  • Here is what I do for a tile map effect that I find very simple:

    I used TILED to export the entire map as one .png and place transparent triggers on a new layer on special events/block movement tiles/speed movement tiles,etc.

    IIRC, HTML5 + a lot of objects = slowdowns.

    Here is an example of this effect with the transparent blocks made visible

    cheating a tile system in Construct2

    But as for arrays in laymen's,

    a data point in an array is an address.

    Say you have an array #1 with datas (A), (B), (C)

    [ or since Construct2 is zero-based, array

    [0], array[1], array[2], etc. ]

    Say you have a call for 1[A]

    It tells the computer to find the variable at 1A

    So it goes to column 1, location A and grabs that value.

    Tile Maps use arrays for their X and Y values.

    The gist would be knocking on those addresses doors, asking for their values, and then telling the system to create the tile that corresponds to that value at that X/Y

  • 730 KB => 1.45 KB

    .PNG => .TMX

    TMX = Production File

    If there was some way to cut it down still.

    I know of this..

    Would probably be too much work to try and make into some sort of plugin.

    I guess I'll be best off waiting until Ashley has time to get around to some sort of map editor for Construct.

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