Can you Array Push on X axis at Y

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  • Hi,

    Is it possible to Push a value on the X axis but at Y. (or can be other way with push on Y axis at X)

    I want to have one array with scores from different modes.

    Example Array

    Y-0 | [1234][123][512][1234][123123][1312]

    Y-1 | [7434][3457][34][347][2623][62342][734][3453][PUSH NEW SCORE HERE]

    Y-2 | [12][583][12][153234]

    I know I could have separate arrays and but I would like just one for storage sake.



    One thing I hadn't consider is the example would actually be like this:

    Y-0 | [1234][123][512][1234][123123][1312][0][0][0]

    Y-1 | [7434][3457][34][347][2623][62342][734][3453][PUSH NEW SCORE HERE]

    Y-2 | [12][583][12][153234][0][0][0][0][0]

    And every time I push I would add another blank value are for all, OK I think it might be best to have a septate array for each.

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