[ARRAY] Fix array events, Spawn enemies in order

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  • I want to spawn enemies in order, for example in this piece of code enemies of 0 value (0 because you have never seen them) are spawn in disorder, i want spawn the enemies in order like a list and by level, i want to spawn old enemies in new scenes too so i don't know if using a loop its a good idea because if i want to stop the loop sometimes?, in the array all enemies have 0 value in Y0 because you never seen them but have different levels in Y4 like 2, 3, 4 etc... , i want for example: spawn unseen enemies have 0 value and are level 1, you destroy the enemy but in other scenes this enemy will spawn again (now have value 1 because you destroyed it and its level 2) , please give me a hand.



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  • I want this: spawn 5 enemies in order by level, (never seen monsters `Have value 0 in the array`) , after you destroy the 5 enemies then spawn 10 old enemies (have value 1 in the array because you already seen this monsters) in order by level, i want this cycle but obviously with pauses sometimes so you can advance to the next stage.

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