How do I get around PhoneGap's project size limit (15mb)?

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  • Hello all!

    I tried to upload my .zip file to PhoneGap Build, but a message appeared stating, "PhoneGap file is too large. file must be less than 15mb." So my question is, how do I get around PhoneGap's project size limit (15mb)? Do have to buy a full version of PhoneGap Build or something? If so, can somebody send me the link to buy it (I've been looking for it but I can't find it).

  • How much oversize are you? Is it possible to optimize down to be within size?

  • Nevermind, I'm exporting with Crosswalk instead. I do have a question though...

    Concerning teh app ID, I don't have a website. How do I set my app ID ( if I do not have a website? Can I just put my name instead?

  • Bump...

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  • its just a naming convention to make the app unique so i believe, so use whatever you like.

  • Alright, one more thing (for reals)... when I tried to finally build with Intel XDK, it said, "An error occurred while building the application. Verify your build assets are correct and try again."

    I can't see why the build failed. Is it failing to install my icons or splashscreen images? I seriously don't get. When tested the app in the test section, it worked fine. Please, this is my last step!... can somebody help me:

    This is my setup so far:

  • Could there be a problem with the XML document or something (I'm freaking out, I feeling like I did all this work for nothing)? I have a working game but I can't make a final build! Why won't it finishing building!!!!!!?

  • I pressed "You can view the log of the Android build here", and it said this at the end:

  • i cant say for sure this is the problem but that error looks like that sound files name is ether to long or has invalid characters in it rename to something simple and short and try it again

    also it's not failing to install your splash/icons you only have the mdpi in so it has to install the default icons just create images for the other sizes and put them into there correct fields

  • OK, I'll try shortening the sound titles and get back to you... thanks.

  • Very strange... The Intel XDK Build process worked successfully this time, but when I sent the game to my phone, the game immediately stops (it doesn't even start/open up) and then says, "Unfortunately, Aeon of the Wizard has stopped". How did I do something wrong if the Build process was successful? What's the problem? Can somebody help me out:)

  • what kind of phone are you trying to use. crosswalk is meant to be used on android 4.0+.. if xdk sends you an apk it should work. if you want you can pm the apk and ill test it for you

  • Do you mean, send you the xdk email link that was sent to me?

  • Bump... I really need some help. I tried to re-download the app to my phone (Samsung Galaxy V4.3), but it didn't help. It still says "Unfortunately, Aeon of the Wizard has stopped". How can the Intel XDK Build process worked successfully, but my app wont start up? What's going on? Can somebody please help me out?

  • I made another thread asking why the Crosswalk file was so huge, even for a very simple game.

    What I don't understand is how you get big file size (15MB), before doing the deployment. Do you export the HTML5 files out of Construct2?

    During that step, you should get low file size, the problem is after the deployment with Crosswalk. Or maybe your game is a big one, and that is why you get 15MB.

    But, if you get like 15MB before crosswalk, then after crosswalk how much do you get? Like 200MB?

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