Make an area of an object sensitive to damage

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  • Hey Guys! :)

    I'm new at Construct 2 and therefore still working with the free version.

    The game developing is going pretty well and I am right now working with own little Super Mario 8-bit game (Sprites and baggrund are designed in paint) .. Well, I have tryed to give Mario the fireball Ability when he makes a collision with a mushroom, but without look, but I will hopefully find a way to solve the problem soon! :)

    I was wonderring if anyone at thi forum could tell me if it is possible to make only some areas of the enermy "sensitive" for a collision with Mario, for instance if Mario gets hit by one of the enermies he will propperly die (like in the real game) but if Mario jumps on the enermy, the enermy would die, is it totally impossible or do anyone know how to make this possible?

    Best Regards

    Andreas :)

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