How do I use Appmobi's ShowRemoteSiteExt?

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  • I've got the following Event Sheet:

    On Start Of Layout

    -System: Wait

    -Appmobi: Add Virtual Page

    -Appmobi: Show Remote Site

    But it isn't launching anything. Launch external site works, but leaves the app. Any help understanding how this plugin works would be greatly appreciated.

  • Hey stevo301103,

    It sounds like you are exporting using DirectCanvas and using the default appMobi plugin that comes with C2 currently. Is that correct?

    I've been working on an updated appMobi plugin that can be found at I am also working with Ashley to get the changes present in this version implemented into the "official" C2 appMobi plugin.

    The new plugin is temporarily named appmobiDev, so you will either need to change your event sheet to use appmobiDev or you can rename the plugin itself and replace the default appmobi plugin. If you do rename and replace just be aware that when you upgrade C2 it overwrites any changes and you will need to re-replace the plugin again.

    There is a whole thread devoted to the plugin and any requests/issues/questions you may have.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.

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  • Ahhhh, ok, I have both installed now and I was wondering if that could have an effect.

    So I should remove the 'official' release and replace it with your 'dev' release. Then I also include your c2runtime.js in the index.html? Or is that not required anymore?

    Thanks for the response! Appmobi is brilliant, are you involved with them? Because I still have some licensing questions... let me know please :)

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