appmobi size and lagg problem

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  • Hey guys,

    i have been making 4 games for mobile devices recently and i'm in the stage where i want to export the as native apps.

    but i have been having a lot of problems.

    i'm just going to post some maybe somebody out there is willing to help me out.

    1. the size of my games are 960 x 640 (size of the iphone 4) but when i when i export for appmobiand test it locally it has a white bar on the right side. even when i maken it 1024 x 640.

    link of scrn shot

    2. I have changed my index.html code to prevent rotation but it is not working, it's still in portrait mode.This is my code:

                   document.addEventListener("appMobi.device.ready", function ()

              { AppMobi.device.setRotateOrientation('landscape');


    3. The games are very laggy although the games are not very procces heavy. Only one game where i have an object that has physics you control and the rest are bounding bars that keep him inside the area which are immovable physics object. Maybe there is a way to make them solid object without them being a physics object?

    4. the accelorometer does not work at all. it just moves a little bit at random directions.

    If there is somebody there with any form of help that would be really appreciated. If more info is needed from me i can post more scrn shots and capx's

  • 1. See supporting multiple screen sizes, you should never hard code a screen size.

    2. Try adding the AppMobi object and using the 'Set auto-rotate' and 'Set orientation' actions from there.

    3. We're working on improving performance, but have you read performance tips?

    4. What kind of phone is it?

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  • Yes i have read the article and i have used that method. i set the window size to 960, 640 and the full screen mode to on scale mode, and then the screen is filled up. I had to set it to 1024 640 to make it full screen on iphone.

    2. i never knew there was a appmobi object! but it worked thanks a lot. The only problem is that the first screen goes from protrait to landscape.

    I coded it like on start of layout 'Set auto-rotate' and 'Set orientation' actions maybe that's the problem.

    yeah i have read it and i changed somethings like pixelrounding to on and clear background, it doesn't seem to change a lot.

    4. i have been testing on: Samsung Galaxy S2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Iphone 3, Iphone 4, Iphone 4s and the HTC desire HD

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