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  • Hello ,

    i exported my game to Appmobi (it works well on the emulator)and then to an .apk file but it doesn't work on the phone (just dark screen) ...

    i don't know where the problem is coming from ...

    (should i use the appmobi plugin in the construct project ?)

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  • Can you share your .capx? Also, are you using the 'export to appmobi' option when exporting? The other options won't work for appMobi.

  • Thank you Ashly ...I fixed it.

    I tryed to compare between phonegap and appmobi and i realy dont see any big differences the game stay a little bit laggy ... im trying to do some optimisations ...

    before i start working on sounds .. i wanna ask what should i use for better sounds ?

  • Hello. What did you do to fix it. I'm getting a dark screen as well, no matter what I do. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

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  • i just compiled again ... but the fps is the same as phonegap ... i advice you to you cocoonjs :) it's the best

  • Hey all, I just wanted to mention that we made some recent fixes to applab and if you are testing your game in appLab and have not downloaded it recently be sure that you have the most recent version from the app store.

    Also if anyone is having issues with black screens or performance, feel free to send me your capx file I'm more then happy to lend a hand.

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