AppMobi prevent auto-rotate and grey top banner??

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  • I have some questions about appMobi.

    At the startup of my game I'm using appMobi's commands:

    • Prevent auto-rotate
    • Set orientation to Landscape.

    When I add the required splash images I load them in landscape.

    If I start my game holding the device portrait it will show the loading page in portrait and when my game starts everything is set to portrait and after 2-seconds everything is in landscape. How could I make my pong game lock to the landscape properly?

    How could I remove the annoying grey banner from the top of my game?

    When I export my game, appMobi is asking if my game is requiring acces to different things, like internet connection... When I don't mark anything it still announces that my game requires acces to phone, internet and everything else. When I install my game that has been exported from phonegap it only requires internet connection.

    People don't want to install any app that requires acces to unnecessary things. It just looks too suspicious.

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