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  • Hi

    My Construct 2 game is currently around 40mb and only going to get bigger when I start putting in music etc..., when I try to publish with AppMobi it tells me they have a project limit of 25mb. They advise using the media cache.

    I added the Appmobi object and notice the 'add to Media Cache' action.

    It allows me to point to a web address. I'm fine with putting some of my data on my website but how do I realistically go about this...

    1. Surely I want to bundle all my files into a zip/archive file? Does this approach work with AppMobi and Construct?

    2. If I offload my music and animations to the mediacache how do I tell Construct to not export them but wait and look for the files from the mediacache?



  • Right now there really is no good way to accomplish what you are looking to do.

    What I would be able to do is add a new action to the appMobiDev plugin that would allow you to use the appmobi audio api to play sounds you downloaded from a remote server. The only downside is you will have to switch your event sheets to use the appmobi audio actions instead of C2's.

    If changing your event sheet to use appmobi for audio instead of C2 is something you are willing do to, let me know and I will add that feature to the appMobiDev plugin.

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  • Thanks for the reply Tap

    At the moment my game files are mostly made up of graphics and animations, after that it's the audio.

    I'd be more than happy to use the plugin and update the audio actions but unfortunately even if I offload all the audio the artwork still pushes the file size over the AppMobi limits.

    I wish there was a way to compile C2 games for Android/iOS locally on my PC/Mac :)



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