How do I apply Sine AND Physics?

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  • For some reason, Sine doesn't work with Physics very well - at all, actually.

    If I have an object with Sine enabled, and decide that I want to enable Physics in order to make the object fall, the physics won't work. It'll continue to sine, but the object won't fall.

    Any tips? Is this unavoidable? I've double-checked with multiple items, including newly-created objects unassociated with any events in the game.

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  • Sine will over-ride the physics behaviour - but at the same time still be affected by forces applied to the object (like getting collided into by another physics object).

    In order for SINE to actually work, of course it will have to bypass things like physics gravity, etc, or else nothing at all would happen.

    What are you trying to make that needs SINE as well as PHYSICS applied to it? If you need something to simply "bob up and down" you can just apply some physics forces to a physics object to make the same effect - but without causing any interruption to normal physics behaviour.


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