How to apply precision movement with Gamepad joystick

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  • I have a aiming cursor that can be controlled with a joystick.

    I wanted to apply precision movement to the joystick controls, where the cursor movement speed is dependant on how much you move the joystick in a direction.

    Think of the camera control in games like Call of Duty where you can move the camera/aim with the right stick, if you move the joystick in a direction lightly, the camera moves slowly and moves quicker the further you move the joystick. (hope i've explained it clearly)

    Here's my capx -

    I've tried to do this but haven't had any luck, so i'd appreciate some help.

  • See event #7 in this example:

  • dop2000

    Thanks for the link, it's pretty good but it's nearly what i'm looking for.

    The precision movement itself works well and is what i wanted but i don't want the aim movement in the capx you provided, where it resets to the middle and basically moves around an axis.

    I want to use the aim movement from my capx with the precision movement from your capx.

    Basically, i want to move the aim like a mouse, only using the joystick to control it. The slower i move the joystick, the slower the aim moves. (This is a WAY better explanation of what i'm after, rather than how i described in the first post :) )

  • Try this:

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  • dop2000

    Perfect, just what i was looking for :)

    Thanks for your help, appriciate it.

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