How do I Apply physic force at a relative position

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  • Hey !

    I'm making a game where I apply a force to a ship to make it move.

    My problem is that the player can place the boosters anywhere they want. (if they place it on right it'll spin).

    How do I apply the force differently when the booster is placed elsewhere ?

    I've been thinking of having several imagepoints and pick the nearest, but the "pick the nearest" function picks an object, not an image point for that object.

    I've been thinking of creating imagepoints during game, but I don't think I can ?

    I wish "apply force at angle" would allow me to just say what position I want the force to apply, it just ask me in which imagepoint while they don't exist yet.


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  • Why don't you apply force to boosters? See this demo: ... .capx?dl=0

    (I don't have much experience with physics joints and I'm not sure if I'm using them correctly)

    You can also try Chipmunk behavior, it has "Apply force at offset" action, so you should be able to apply force at the point where the booster is placed.

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