How to APPLY the exact drawn "objects" to other scenes?

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  • Again, got stuck on some coding and I need some help.

    As you can see, the problem is the 'ketchup spilling'.

    The ketchup pattern is randomly drawn, using Create Objects function.

    How do I apply the same exact pattern into other scenes like the pic on the right?

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  • Cant you just make a ketchup sprite with that exact pattern and layer it over the.. um stuff?

    Or does it need to be dynamically generated?

  • If each "dot" of ketchup is an object, you'll need to record (probably to an array) each object's data (position, size, angle, etc.), and then use that data to recreate the pattern of objects as needed. It gets trickier if the pattern needs to be redrawn at different scales or angles. If so, you'll need to calculate each objects relative position/size/angle when redrawing.

    If the objects are only being used for visual purposes, you would probably have a much easier time using the paster plugin to create and copy the ketchup pattern.

  • Thanks for the info zatyka !

    Regardless of the plugin you recommend, I thought there will be an easier solution.

    Something like: creating dots inside a group/family, and other identical groups create the same dot placements instantly, I wonder if this idea works on C2.

    First, I'll try the Paster plugin to see if it works.

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