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  • I have multiple sound groups using tags, I want to apply convolution reverb to each group but I can only seem to apply the effect to one tag, is there a way to select mutliple tags?

    I've tried for example, "footsteps" & "ambience" but that doesn't work.

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  • It's not currently supported but is on the todo list. The only workaround is to either play lots of sounds with one tag, or add the effect to multiple tags (but be aware if you add the effect to N tags it will use N times as much CPU time to process).

  • Ashley

    Cool, good to know it's on the to do list - did you peep my other post? Suggested that we have an audio object we can use to attach a sound or multiple sounds to it and use that to control ranges, pitch and doppler, like how Unity does it. The global solution we have currently isn't very nice.

    It's still basic stuff but it would give us lots more control as the current way the audio features are implemented are very hard to work with / inhibit reaching acceptable standards.

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