How do I apply dt to an animation playing

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  • Hi everyone,

    My game basically resumes itself to "touching a sprite makes this sprite spawn another object (which is animated) and modifies its instance variables". Pretty simple, but I'm using lots of sprites, so performance is not always very good. I can live with that but my main problem is that when I touch an object multiple times quickly when performance is low, each animation is delayed and performs just like a moving object without dt.

    The result is that if I touch 10 times quickly, then I have to wait sometimes 3 seconds or more for every animations to be finished, and of course instance variables modification only happens when the corresponding animation starts playing, which ruins my gameplay. What I would like to do is that when performance is low, every animation that has been triggered plays as soons as possible, even if it means 5 or more animations playing together.

    I tried to add dt in the "speed" animation property of my spawned object, but it doesn't work... It can only contain numbers.

    To be more complete, when clicking on an object, another "main" object also play an animation and a very short (0.05 second) "wait" action triggers before the touch could be perform again. But "wait" actions already have dt included, right?

    Any idea how I could resolve this problem?

    Thanks !

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