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  • Hey guys,

    I have successfully implemented both Ads and In-App-Purchasing on the iOS,

    Im trying to do the same for Google Play now, but I'm having some trouble with the IAP part..


    I cant seem to get my game to connect with CocoonJS in Google Play ... -purchases

    Check list:

    -I got the Google Play public signature pasted in Ludei's site

    -The naming of the IAP is the same as my iOS/C2 as well, so technically it should fetch

    -I also added my email as tester

    -My APK is zipaligned and signed

    How does everyone install it onto their device for testing?

    Not sure if I did this right, but I copy/paste the signed APK onto my android through USB, and installed it that way too

    Or does it "need" to be published first, downloaded from GooglePlay store?

    Any help would be great!


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  • nevermind! I got it all working now! posting in-case someone else had shared the problem

    I basically had to publish the beta and add my own gmail to the list in order to test the IAP stuff

  • Would you be kind enough to share how to implement ads in android?

  • Thanks so much for posting on this issue, avatar86,

    BUT can you explain (a bit better) the process of publishing the beta on google. I assume this published beta is not visible or accessible to anyone not in some list you perhaps create on At google developer?

    Any additional detail would be greatly appreciated.



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