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  • I finally got to where I successfully built the APK files for my app for Android using Intel XDK, and published it on Google Play, but when I download and install it, using my BlueStacks Android emulator on my Windows Surface Pro tablet computer, as I do not own a Samsung or Android mobile device, (but am able to download and run any working Android app through BlueStacks without fail anyway) it simply stays at a black screen and then exits out. The messages at the top left claim stuff is going on, but it simply exits out after "Loading images..." and "Please wait..." This is needless to say not the only obstacle I've come across in the past year of working with Spriter, Construct 2, and the world of app production in general, and I'm always great at coming up with my next idea of how to approach a solution, usually by Googling whatever phrase I think may lead me towards the right path, but I'd appreciate any ideas for how to best find out what the snag is. (It may not be related, but due to all the Spriter png images, Construct 2 has the memory use at 533.3mb, which I mention just in case that's the most important difference between successfully testing the project in Chrome on my computer versus BlueStacks/Android/mobile. There was also a message referring to 'Crosswalk' when first installing the app in BlueStacks, which led me to some Crosswalk app component that I downloaded and installed, but same issue. Also notable is that I did indeed upload both architectures to Google Play: ARM and x86.) Anything I'm missing or should try or test first?

  • If you want I can try installing to see if it works on android device. Give us a link

  • Thanks Rasputin!


    I'm currently working on publishing a test app that's only one scene from the game, to see if that runs.

    Edit: If the URL isn't showing because of my Rep, you can search "(working on it)" in the Google Play store.

  • adamcreator Yes, infinite black screen after loading bar also for me. My device is a table huawei with android v5.1

  • Aw okay. Thanks. I'll see if the test app works that I'm whipping up now.

  • The test fails too. A very small file of just one layout and event sheet, yet it's just a black screen for a few seconds (although the layout had a blue screen, as a test to see if it even shows anything at all of the project, the answer to which is now 'no') and then closes.

    As for any more info I can think to provide that could be relevant: When exporting, I choose to Minify the script, Hide status bar, use WKWebView on iOS (perhaps irrelevant to Android which is my focus for now), not use new Intel XDK project format, no permissions, both audio file types just in case, Minimum iOS set to 8.0+, Minimum Android set to 4.0+ (Ice Cream Sandwich) [Crosswalk]. I also haven't bothered with the Construct 2 "Google Play" plugin, for accessing Google Play Game Services, as I figure that's only for online things like leader-boards and achievements; unsure if that's an issue. I also don't touch anything in Intel XDK, I just import the HTML5 from C2's Export and do the bare minimum of setting the App ID and certificate, the latter of which I don't think has to do with any specific predetermined 'keystore' retrieved from Google Play, just something made up; also unsure if that's an issue.

    If anyone dealt with a similar issue, of your app just being a black screen and closing, please let me know what you think it could be, or what I may want to try or test first.

    Edit: My next idea is to heed that message Intel XDK gives me about the plugins, and see if that helps.

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  • adamcreator Maybe I know what is happening. You are obliged to add the "device" pluging inside the xdk. And the "splash screen" pluging.

    The second one, im not sure if it is mandatory. But the firs one, yes.

    Try that. And good luck.

  • Rasputin Aw thanks! I'll definitely get to that when next I'm in front of the work. Plugins are likely where the cause lies. Thanks!

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