How do I make an app (not a game) ?

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  • i have a problem with my app dev

    1 - i designed the menu title in portrait mode

    2 - one of the layout who contains the "YoutubeVideo" plugin need to be allways in landscape mode.

    actually i tested a lot of things ans semms to be really problematic.

    HOW to make the app in portrait mode and then when im in tha layout it is in landscape mode?

    how to make an app who work in portrait OR landscape???

    im completly lost

    My app has to be professional like any other Android app who can switch from Landscape to Portrait.

    How to deal with that, how to make the app menu work in landscape and in portrait mode???

    The menu need to fill the screen in landscape AND in portrait mode, and menus need allways to be centered.

    Its an app for Android

  • Ever heard of responsive design?

    It's possible in Construct2.

    A lot is already done automatically by the scaling modes actually..

    Adding a HUD with 0,0 paralax, using anchors and setting widths/position based on viewportwidth and viewportheight and you're ready..

    I usually use crop for fullscreen and code the whole visual layout, but you can get very far just using all built in options..

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  • well with my app in stuck the frst menu dont stay in portrait mode, i would like to "lock" the menu in portrait event when the user switch to landscape. and the rest of the app layouts i need some time to make the layout to be locked in "landcape" for example for the youtubeplayer

    Here i did a small test in portrait HOW to keep the menus allways at the same position/scales in portrait and in landscape?

    when i try to switch to landscape in IntelXDK it is not working

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