How do I make an app ignore the iPhone mute switch

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  • Is there any way I can make the app still remain un-muted while the iPhone has the mute switch on? Or is this just a limitation of running through a browser?

  • No, that would be terrible, then apps could blare out noise at the most inappropriate time for the owner regardless of their setting. I don't think this is even to do with being in a browser, no app can override that, by design.

  • Ashley Yes I do see your point. Usually music based apps ignore the ringer-mute switch, Garageband for example. In fact pretty much every musical app, also apps like Youtube, and anything based on playing videos or music, podcasts etc. It's actually quite a standard behaviour. I suppose the reasoning is that you wouldn't be playing an on-screen piano if you didn't want to make a noise...

    I get an email probably 2-3 times a week from users asking why the sound doesn't work on my app, and I have to reply with the default "turn the mute switch off" email. As this is the normal behaviour for an app, I think users get confused when it acts differently.

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  • Couldn't you check if the mute switch is on, then alert them "Turn your mute switch off for the best experience!" or something? Just a friendly reminder for the users instead of them having to bother you "why doesn't it work" .

  • So far all of my reviews are one star because there's no sound, which is necessary for my games. When a user contacted me regarding this, it turned out that the mute was on. Now I'm also wondering if I could bypass the mute. Is there a way to check?

    I see Ashley's point that mute means no sound, and that's what I would have done. However, when I polled my friends they said they assume the ringer button is only for the ringer, and that most apps don't mute when the ringer is off.

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