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  • I've gotten to where my GPlay game doesn't load, but rather has the red progress loading bar, due to having too many image and audio assets: 771 png images at 34.3mb, and 539 ogg sounds at 23.7mb. However, it fails so soon that it seems to simply be giving up too quickly. Do you have any ideas on how to make it load the assets anyway instead of giving up so fast? Thank you

    (I have preload sounds set to yes, because if I don't then sounds just come in way too late in scenes. I looked for an event to preload 'all sounds' or even play 'all sounds' but couldn't find it. If that existed, I could set preload sounds to off and then in an event preload or even play all sounds at -100 volume in the background so that they all load after the actual game loads, thereby bypassing the error. But no way to do that yet that I know of without manually making 500+ events for the 500+ sounds which I wouldn't.)

  • You need to fiddle with the 'timeout' in Google Play. Although, I am not sure where that is in Google Play...

  • Yes, I've also never found anything like that, including just now when I checked every page carefully in the GPlay Developer Console.

    My guess is that it involves editing/adding code to a file after export, such as config, index, etc.

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  • No, it should be a config thing in Google play, because the timeout is controlled by a server setting, not the HTML.

  • I couldn't find it. Do you mind looking for it? Also something I should have noted is that the red progress bar also happens when previewing it in Chrome out of C2. Unsure whether or not that affects the server aspect you mentioned. I also notice that the issue doesn't happen in Edge. Just Chrome and Firefox, of the browsers I use. Thanks

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