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  • Hi Guys! I created a little game that I exported with html5 and compiled with Cocoon to an apk. I have a login + a leaderboard, created with and the plugin from rexrainbow. So I just uploaded the game on my webspace and it worked fine, but in the .apk I just can't connect to the servers. Do you know this problem? What have I forget to do?

  • Hi, I believe you're missing a plugin when you compiled your game through

    Not sure what your game does or what features it has, but whichever extra connectivity/feature you have in your game, its SDK needs to be installed before Cocoon compilation, through plugins (perhaps via github if someone has made one).

    You should ask this question at forum, they should be able to help you.

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  • You need to export from Construct 2 using Cordova's Export, not HTML5. Once you have exported out of Construct 2, zip up the files from the export, but delete the XML files in the root of the folder before putting it in the ZIP. Then export. I may not need to install any extra plugins in, but can you link me to the parse plugin and the rexrainbow plugin?

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