APK trouble (using Monaca)

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  • I'm struggling to build my first APK. I'm using Monaca, and managed to build a debug, unsigned version of my game. I'm having more trouble with the releasable build, but right now what concerns me most is that my debug build is, well, LAGGY AS F**K yo. I mean, much laggier than served from the web dammit. For some reason, I had expected even a slight performance improvement once i went apk, i dunno, being local and all. Certainly not this debacle. Oscillations of speed are painfully noticeable, and makes the game unenjoyable :(

    Here's the debug build if you wanna try it yrself and see how it sucks.

    Im following this tuto here. Monaca has evolved a bit since, but the only thing I couldnt find was one ¨Crosswalk WebView Engine¨ plugin (crosswalk is not maintained no more right?), that was advised. I don't know if that's relevant.

    Any idea where the problem might be? Capx code flaw? Lack of some plugin?


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