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  • Hello, I have a few questions.

    If my app has an increased size of 50mb which is the maximum in Google Play, how can I create expansions? Or is this created automatically with Intel XDK for example?

    Also, which is the best exporter to use? I am using XDK, but I am not sure, the size is too large. 21mb apk and 30 when installed on the device, though it just has an image and a few events.

    What is more recommended? PhoneGap, Ludei? And these platforms create x86 APK's as well? Or this is an XDK feature only?

    Ohh and also, what is more recommended, to sign the apk manually or let the XDK or selected exporter platform to sign it automatically? I have other apps which I created with another game engine, but I don't know if should use a key similar to the key my other games has.

    Thanks in advance.

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  • Using Intel XDK and auto-signing the apk is usually the way to go. Intel is supposedly working on giving Intel XDK the ability to create the necessary files for you to upload to various app stores but I only here little squeaks here and there about this. I'm curious if it comes out before Construct 3. Within a year we will know for sure.

  • PhoneGap - tiny apk size, but low performance

    CocoonJS - ok size (~8mb in kinda "empty project") and very good performance

    XDK - have not tried, I dont like this exporter

  • Thnaks for the info. Intel told me how to sign my app manually a few days ago

    But yeah, let's wait and hope that APK expansions are available soon, because the Google Play upload limit is really small. 50mb when with other app stores like Apple, you can submit up to 4gb. and with the XDK itself the app has a lot of size, even for a simple app >.<

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