How do I make an aobject scroll

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  • i am trying to make a tiled background scroll and i use every tick set position to self.x - 2. but it's not working. it has worked on other tiles backgrounds that were on a diffrent layer. parallax is set to 100,100. the only diffrence between the 2 tiled background is the size( one is 1024 by 1024) and the other 128 by 128. how do i make the big one scroll?

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  • Suppose you have two layers then one of them you put in Parallax 0.0 this is the Layer where the HUD or UI and the Player goes. In the other in which you want the Parallax effect, you must decide what type of Parallax you want horizontal, vertical or both.

    In case that Horizontal only affects X then you place the Parallax in 50,100, when moving the player with a ScrollTo for example the Parallax that affects the Background will move only in X.

    If you want it to be X and Y places the Parallax at 50.50 for example

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