Is there anyway to install fonts?

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  • Is there anyay to download a font from the web and then install it so the font of my game will be shown?

    im not asking for webfonts becuase if im now mistakes you would need to download the webfont for every text object in your game wich is a hassle, i want to make the download once, and then the font file will be in the players pc.

    and i dont like spritefonts

  • It isn't exactly clear what you're aiming for, but this tutorial seems like it would be what you're looking to do:

    You would include the font in your Files folder of your project thus having it always available to the player.

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    what i mean is this.

    right now, in my game, if the user does not have the font installed in their pc, the font wont show up in the game, but if the user install the font in his/her computer the font will show in the game text, what im asking is that if there is a way to use C2 to download and install a font in the user's pc instead of the user manually downloading the font file and installing it, or is it better to include the font in the game installer.

    why i dont use webfonts? becuase if im not mistaken you need to create event to set the font to every text file.

    as you know you can set the font style on c2 in the text object properties, and if the user has the font installed it will show up, so i dont need to set the fonts with events.

    sorry if its hard to understand, all i want is to install a font in the user's pc so the font i already set it in the text properties will show up.

  • What's the main reason for not liking SpriteFonts? I use SpriteFont+ and the external tool to create it, which makes things easier (than the standard SpriteFont). I don't think your app will be able to install any font on the user's computer but I could easily be wrong.

  • You only have to set the font change event once at the beginning of the game. How is this difficult? Wait, how many text objects do you have? You should use multiple instances of the same object and not add a whole new text object every time you want more. Anyways, what you're asking for can't be done in a browser and would have to be set up as part of a custom installer (has nothing til do with c2) if you're using node WebKit.

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