Is there anyway to make your enemies not overlap your player

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  • I want to make it where my enemies cannot overlap my player but I do not want to use the solid behavior. I have it set up where when my player takes damage he flashes and cant take anymore damage until it stops.

    My enemies use the bullet behavior to move to the players position. if they hit the player they deal damage to them as long as they are not flashing. The thing is I do not want the player or the enemies to over lap.

    Is there a way to do that without using the solid behavior?

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  • There should be several ways to do this, although the one that comes to mind first is one of R0J0's examples.

    Might take a bit to wrap your head around though.

  • That is what I want but it might take longer than a bit to get my head around it. I will do my best to figure out how to incorporate it into me game, but if anyone else has a easier way I would love to hear it.

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