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  • The tutorial on how to get your game on Facebook is out of date the directions on how to get your game on any phone is bleak, I can't understand how I get my game out there or if my resolutions to big if scale crop is fine 1024x512 on Iphone as my android works fine.

    I know for a fact there are games were the layout is bigger than screensize thats what crop scale is for right?

    No one has a clear to understand answer they just resight the same iphone resolution to me and its annoiying.


    but there is no were it states anything in black and white on how to do anything,.... how?

    is this all a secret?

    I know I don't have the badge for purchasing this product but I did. Just created user afterwards.

    Please someone

    1. 1024x512 (scale mode on) fullscreen on Iphone/android is this accepted

    2. What's the proper use of scale crop feature

    3. how do you get your game out there

    I just need these 3 answered

  • I bought a BAMBOO touch yeterday so things are rolling right now for me if you havn't bought one I suggest you do its friggin amazing.

  • Putting games on phones is experimental at best at the moment. Be prepared for very low performance, sound issues, etc.

    Scirra is heading this way, but be patient! Don't expect solid performance for a few months at least (unless appmobi DirectCanvas works fantastically)

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  • need more support Cryengine has plenty lol n its free too, I think Construct needs to advertise or something go to GDC mybe

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