Anyone tried multiplayer in IOS and Android exported app

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  • Has anyone tried using the multiplayer object in IOS and Android. Does it work when you have exported your app via XDA or Coocoon? Thanks.

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  • pinoypixel

    I've tried with the PeerJS and Multiplayer plugin.

    Neither work with CJS.

    Both I have had working on XDK. Although I started my app online before the multiplayer plugin was out so I will be finishing this game with PeerJS and then changing over to the multiplayer plugin for my new app. (My onilne app has not been updated to the play store yet as I have been waiting for XDK to get faster before I made more of my online app). I have only checked that one of the example app runs and connects with the new multiplayer app / XDK so I have not made anything myself from it.

    With PeerJS I have a lobby / matches against each other online working for my bowls app. You join a lobby layout, select from 9 available mats and it puts your player / match settings to display to all connected people. (Player list shown on the right). If you joni a mat with someones details in it, you goto a match against them. Players bowl size / weight and colour are loaded into both players games to display correctly.

    I have two video's on youtube showing it. This one shows my laptop VS my android phone (older game build)

    I also have my updated lobby / build showing room connections, players choose match length and it takes you back to the lobby if your opponent disconnects. (Note the warning dialogue box doesn't show on an exported version, just the debug one in C2)

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