Has anyone tried implementing Google Play Games with C2 r169

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  • I'm not talking about CocoonJS plugin which implements Google Play, I'm talking about the new Construct 2 beta release r169 which comes with a Google Play plugin.

    Is it working?

    Which one is more efficient and bug free? Implementing Google Play Leaderboard/achivement/IAP with CocoonJS and Construct 2 r168 or implementing google play services using the "Google Play" plugin that comes with Construct 2 r169?

  • Hey, I just implemented The new Google Play Game Services (C2) to one of my games. It works great so far if I upload it to the web (only the trigger "on signed in / signed out" seems to not fire correctly in my project).

    When I export it with to Cocoonjs it doesn't work. In the release note it says "no support with crosswalk" but what about Cocoonjs? There is no documentation / tutorial about that.

    Do we have to use the Cocoonjs plugin in that case? Would be amazing to just need the C2 "native" Plugin.

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  • After a ton of research I found out that Google Play Game Services that comes with C2 will not work with CocoonJS. So, if you want those services to work, you'll need to re-code the features using CocoonJS 2.0 plugin. Some people have gotten it to work (ex: Headless Runner on Play Store)

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