Can anyone help me with sprites?

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  • Hello everyone.

    I am very new to Construct 2 and I am loving it so far. I have tried to make some sprites, but I am really bad at it, and when I see some of your games, it makes me feel like the ones I am able to create are sh"t

    If you have some sprites (anything from spaceships to characters) with some basic animations (like swinging sword etc.), I would be SO happy if you could share them with me. I promise not to use them for "earning money" or anything like that, I would only use them to practice making games.

    Thank you in advance, I hope to recieve some answers

    Best regards


  • Hello bicanon,

    I have done some pixelartwork in the past and quite enjoyed it. I can't show you what work as the drive I kept the file on got busted, but if you'd like to, we can try to cooperate and you'll see what sort of stuff I can make on your own.

    For my current project I use third party software to build custom sprites, have you thought about that?

  • Hi Corpseprince!

    Since I am kinda "noobish" to Construct 2, I was thinking about a game seen from above, where you would be playing as an archer. So basically, I was thinking about having two sprites: One where the bow isn't drawn, and one where it is. I think I know how to put that into the game.

    Building custom sprites does sound quite interesting - what kind of "third party software" are you using?

    And of course, thanks for the answer

  • Have you downloaded the free bundle graphic pack (link in footer)? Useful as both gfx placeholders and for learning to use animation, etc.

  • Hey Bicanon!

    I used Kenney's assets a lot (Dutch guy, most of the site is Dutch). is where you can find some assets, maybe on google you can find more.

    I also use a lot, but I don't think you're allowed to use them in commercial projects. It's great for learning though. Check it out some time.

    Last but not least, opengameart is a great source for a lot of things.

    Good luck and keep posting your projects!

  • My third party software is BannedStory, it gives you all the assets from the 2D MMORPG MapleStory. Althought I'm not 100% certain, it's quite obvious that these are not allowed for commercial products.

    I'd like to cooperate with you if you would like. I completely hand-pixel sprites, so quality is pretty time-dependent.

    What kind of camera view were you thinking, exactly? Straight top-down or classic Pokémon/Final Fantasy style? (look them up if you don't know these games) Does the archer only move one way or 4 different directions?

  • nice links Beremans!!! thanks

  • You hear time and time again that you should never make your art first, build gameplay first. I have been starting games for years and slowly grinding to a stop because I start working on the art and never get back to designing my game idea. When I came over to Construct2 from Torque2s/3d, Unity, Stencyl, Game Maker, and even some CraftStudio I decided to make a learning game and only use art I made in the internal sprite editor. It was pretty fun and I stuck to it and finally released a pretty stable 100 level side scrolling space shooter using just Construct2 editor art. It was so much easier when I didn't worry about my art and just focused on gameplay.. the art turned out pretty cool and game is actually fun I hear.

    My advise would be to do the same, make generic art using ediitor even if its just stick figures. If your gameplay is a super fun hit you can always find or hire an artist.

    My game is on the arcade and link is in my Sig below if anyone wants to see my uber cheesy editor art.

  • Thanks a lot Beremans, I'll be sure to check it out!

    Wow Corpseprince, that sounds like a great idea! I was thinking the straight top-down, and the character will follow the curser, so the archer would only need to move one direction, since he would automatically turn around with the mouse curser.

    Chrisinfinger, that sounds like a pretty solid idea. Maybe, when I've learned the basics, I can start making some sprites and see where it takes me.

    Thanks to all of you for the answers, and Corpseprince, I'm looking forward to cooperating with you

  • Sure man, just send me a personal message with how you'd like to communicate or simply enough details for me to try and make something.

    I'm using my free week to also work on a game of my own, maybe we can interchange projects if you'd like? Anyway, let me know exactly how and what you imagined and we can work something out.

  • Hey again!

    It seems like I can't message you, because I haven't got enough reputation yet... Maybe you can send me an email with your contact information? (like your own email, facebook or skype - your choice of course) and we can work that way?

  • Hey I have some free art for you made by me:

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  • Wow, really? Thanks a lot Naji!

  • Corpseparty, you there?

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