Anyone still having issues with the browser object

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  • If I add the browser object to my project, my sprites move out of position and the frame animation does do as it should. Once I remove the object everything works fine again. This happens if I add the audio obect as well. Is this happening to anyone else? The wierd thing is if I add the browser object to projects I created in rc73, it works fine. But the project created in rc74 goes bonkers with the browser object. This is happening in FF on vista 32bit

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  • This is really a strange behavior.

    Also I don't really see how the browser object may interact with the sprite objects.

    Try maybe to uninstall/reinstall C2. Eventually download it again (in case of somehow corrupted file on download).

    Maybe make sure also you graphic card drivers are up to date. Updating the drivers may often have surprising effects on the other softwares.

  • Which version of Firefox? If you're on 3.6 I wouldn't expect its support to be very good, we're aiming to support FF 4+.

  • I'm on Firefox 9.0.1. I'll try updating my graphics driver and see if the problem persist. I failed to mention that the same thing happens on chrome

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