Anyone figure out shimming across a ledge?

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  • I want my player to grab ledge and hang then pressing left or right they can go along the edge with hands dangling the edge like Ninja Warrior Cliff hanger.

    I have my character pinned to a rectangle shadow (PShadow). PShadow has the platform behavior.

    I placed invisible sprites (Ledge)on the edges of platforms in higher places.

    I have the player spawn a new sprite on falling and if it overlaps the Ledge and the player is holding W then the player grabs the edge. When player releases W the player springs up to land on the Platform. This works.

    Now Whenthe player is still holding onto the ledge his state is Grab and he spawns an invisible sprite (Shimmy Sprite) with platform behavior and is set on the Ledge.xLedge.Y position.

    So when W is down the player can move left (A) or right (D) to shimmy. So the Shimmy sprite moves on top of the ledge, but my player remains at the end of the edge in paused Shimmy animation.

    I tried disabling the Players shadow platform behavior, but doesn't work. Tried pinning the Shimmy sprite to Character, but doesn't work. I've searched tutorials, but there are nine.

    Any suggestions?


  • Can you place some screenshots. It's little bit hard to understand your words.

  • Below: You can see the Blue rectangle (Shimmy Shadow with platform behavior) is starting to go across the ledge as I'm pressing right.

    The red box is what the character is pinned too as the main platform shadow.

    This is where he clings on when "W" is held down and their is an invisible green shadow that is overlapping the orange platform ledge. The red shadow I believe is what is holding him from moving with blue shimmy shadow. Is there a way to pin both? I'm lost.

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  • Don't mind the light green box underneath the orange platform. That is a temp. camera that follows the player using lerp.

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