Anyone have an example capx or tutorial reference...

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  • I need to see how others are setting up the keyboard controls for the characters with various animations like jump, fall, run, shot while running, shot while jumping ext... I have it setup but things always get messed up cause one command is over riding the others...and example to look at would be greatly appreciated..

    thanks in advance

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  • Go through these tutorials and you are set to go <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_smile.gif" alt=":)" title="Smile">

  • Thanks for the reply I'm familiar with most concepts... just having hard time figuring out how and where to make the checks to get him to respond properly... it's the free chuck norris guy from

    i have attached capx can someone help with getting him to properly do the animations he has... for instance he can jump OR he can jump and shoot ( I'm shooting with the left mouse button )...

    i will then study the capx you return and learn from it

  • So here the file - issue stands is if you run with the "D" and click the left mouse button while still holding the "D" ( or still moving ) he will freeze... also stands true for the right mouse button....

    issue stands - if your at idel not pressing anything hence not moving the one action I have that checks for idel succeeds the rest.. cause if he standing there and the mouse is pressed to shoot or throw gernade he don't do it... works fine shooting or throwing while in the air jumping or running...

  • see if this helps. see the Group "codah"

  • feels ok but he dosn't jump.... or play the jumping_firing animation

  • someone should use this chuck norris guy and make a tutorial on getting all his animation working... this is more complex then just the walking and jumping animations...

  • the main thing is to have a look at the method I used. However see if this helps with the jumping

    edit: what I'm saying is to use state variables like moving, jumping, etc. if not a full-on state machine.

    I'll leave you to add the grenade tossing states

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