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  • Hi,

    I�m really new with C2 and i made a lot of test (great soft). I �m not programmer but with time and effort, i can play a lot and did something.

    I see the posts "for effect wind" but i can�t do what i want

    I want only this:

    I have a ball with bullet movement and want when the ball approach to one ventilator (a sprite with animation) come back with any physics effect and change this movement with random variable for never have the same movement and follow road/route in another direction until approach another ventilator.

    somo can help me a little bit, explain, give information or example capx�?

    sorry for my bad english.

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  • Anyone for this effect wind / push come back the ball?

    I would like put me again this aftertoon after job... a little help posible? thanks.

  • I find a soluce with particles + random sine + bullet angle of motion with random so

    buy i?ve a new problem :) i want the effect have a time duration (examploe 10s) where i create the variable time and how i can tell yo this event use this variable " time". I muste create global variable time ? like time=10 but how i can put this global variable in my event player?

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