Annoying Glitch in Image Editor

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  • Does anyone else get this?

    Whenever I open the Image Editor in Construct 2, two annoying things happen:

    <img src="" border="0" />

    1. every palette I open (image hotspot, color palette and bounding box), appears right on top of my image, so I have to move it out of the way before I can draw anything

    2. the color palette is missing its sliders

    Ashley is this a known glitch? I'm using the latest drivers for my card, on Windows 7. Both the latest beta and the latest stable release do this, so it might be my system, but what on my system?

  • Go into preferences, (bottom border of the file menu,) under the General Tab and hit "Reset Dialogs"

    Does that fix it?

  • Paradox it totally fixed the sliders! Thank you!

    The start position of each panel is still right above the drawing. Shouldn't it remember the last position or at least be out of the way?

  • It does on mine.

    Try putting them in place, close Construct all the way and see if they load into those positions after restarting it.

  • Doesn't fix it. Thank you so much though

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  • It's very frustrating. It forgets window position every time I open a new palette. Closing Construct all the way doesn't help, it's already forgotten the moment I've clicked on a different palette (e.g. from color palette to bounding box). All palettes appear dead center now

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