Is there a way to have animations not play by default

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  • Hi!

    I need my animations to not play in the beginning. Is the only way to make an event that stops the animation on start of layout? Or is there a setting somewhere, that I can tick so that the animations only start when commanded to?

  • Yes you can command the animation to start when you want. Could you be more specific about the scenario. What type of animation?

  • Hi!

    It's an animated door sprite. When the game starts all doors should be closed. However the animation plays when the game starts and the doors open. Couldn't find an animation property that would say something like "play initially". I know I can create an event that runs on start of layout and stops the animation. I was just wondering if there was a way to keep the sprite animation stopped in the beginning that doesn't require an event.

  • Double click on the door sprite. Three windows open

    1. Sprite editor

    2. Animation editor

    3. Animation frames editor

    In the animation editor you will see an animation called default. You need two animations

    1. Default and 2. Open.

    To add new animation right click on the animation editor --> add new animation. Name it as open. Select default, leave one frame (door closed image). In open animation import all the sprites where the door opens. So now when the layout is started default is loaded that means the door will be closed. If you want to open the door at any condition then add that event.

    For eg.


    On mouse click on object "door".


    "door" set animation "open".

    Hope it helps

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  • Thanks, this was helpful!

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