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  • Hello there , i have recently had a few issues creating an animation routine for my character in a platform game i'm designing , i can't use the platform behaviour as my game requires the use of physics on the character and the plat-former interrupts this.

    so I've had to code my own animation system ,and its worked up until this point where i'm adding animations for when the player is flipped , I've essentially just made it so that it flips when the player is moving X or -X however the issue is that all the animations that are flipped whilst the player is going along the -X axis freeze with the exception of one , i have tried looking for conflicts in the coding since this happened before and was resolved with a simple change , however their does not seem to be any conflict in the coding at all and this is a bit of a nasty problem.

    any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated , thanks ran.

  • You really need to post a capx

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  • uhhh that coding event sheet looks so hard to read.... u overcomplicated it, if u need animation change u dont need for physics velocity u could also check for platform, condition check is falling, for fall animation, when right is pressed play right run when left is pressed play anim left run when is jumping or space was pressed play jump animation etc easy man , when is not moving play idle

  • Thanks for the reply gamecorpstudio , however i did explain that platform behaviour won't work along side my charterer set-up as overlapping it with a physics behaviour will cause the character to glitch out , im really not sure why this is.

    thank you for your response however.

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