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  • hello,

    i try to make a zombie shooting game.i created some animations.my problem is.

    i have 3 animations : walk,fire and fire while walking. i created a seperate arm for fire and walk.

    i created this conditions.

    1- if right pressed play "walk".make "walk arm" visible.

    2- if fire pressed play "fire" animation.

    3- if walk and fire buttons pressed play "walk" animation and make "walk arm" invisible and make "fire arm" visible.

    condition 1-3 conflicting.how can i solve the problem?

    sorry for poor english.



  • Maybe make the firing and walking a boolean?

    1 If right pressed, walking is ture

    else walking is not true

    2. if fire pressed, firing is true

    else firing is not true

    3. If Walking true and firing not true play walk. Make arm visible

    4. If walking is not true and firing is true play "fire" animation.

    5. If walking and firing are true play "walk" animation and make "walk arm" invisible and make "fire arm" visible.

    Untested, just thought it up on top of my head.

  • thanks for your help but i cant figured out.i tried but cant get it work.

  • Sure they will conflict ...

    Just add a condition that will block the events from conflicting for each of the two events event

    For the 1st one :

    (Invert) If fire is pressed

    For the 2nd :

    (Invert) If right is pressed

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  • sorry i didnt understand can you please sent a printscreen or modifie the capx?


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