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  • i'm sure this is a waist of your time as there is probably one but it not in the first 10 pages, anyway i was wondering how to make a basic animation so i can make my green ball that hurts the player appear and disappear so it is avoidable, is there a simple way to do this and if there is a tutorial please send me the link to save everyone time :)

  • anyone know how this can be done?

  • Could not really understand the question, I suggest that if you are starting out reading this is a good way to get going! :)

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  • i want to make an animation so my ball flashes 1 second its there the next its not but i dont know how.

  • One of the reasons people end up linking to begginer tutorials is because they often teach "how to use and UNDERSTAND the engine"

    As an example there is behaviour called flash. This behaviour will get your sprite flashing.

  • I'm afraid I'm only partly understanding your question, too. (Not that I'm knowledgeable enough to actually help you out with your problem.)

    If I may suggest, though... Try listing exactly what you want to happen in a step-by-step list. For example:

    1. This is the current status

    2. Something begins to happen

    3. Upon a specific event...

    4. ...this result should occur (except I don't know how to get that event to work)

    I hope that help you to convey your question better so others can help you. :) Keep gamin'! You'll get it worked out.

  • right here is what i want:

    i have an item that when touched takes away 1 from the players health.

    I want to make an animation or something so that the item will disappear and reappear every few seconds so it can be avoided by the player. (but i don't know how)

    does that make sense to everyone?

  • Hi Bammy,

    For your 1st question, this tutorial covers that


    One way you can alter an objects visibility is with the sine behavior.

    You might be able to tweak its settings to get what your after.

  • i got it working with the flash behavior but i don't fully understand the flash as it will disappear for 10 seconds but not reappear, anyone know what i am doing wrong?

  • Actually I was having the same problem with this. Same with fade I could get an object to fade in when I wanted but not "in" and "out". So that is a good question!

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