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  • Hey everyone! Just bought a personal license today : )

    I've got two issues. First, I've made a speech bubble animation that I want to open and close for every new bit of text. I tried to keep it simple by using one animation of the bubble closing, and then setting it to pingpong.

    This all seems to work fine for the first time the animation runs, but after that, when I use the 'Set Animation' action, it loads the sprite but fails to run the animation.

    Second, I set up a global variable called 'Next' in order to handle the sequence of monologue events, where adding 1 to next triggers a new event where the condition is Next="#", depending on which step you're on. At first, you use the spacebar to add 1 to the next variable, but I'd like to be able to trigger events by having the player walk over an invisible trigger sprite. For example, I would like the GUI keyboard suggestions to change based on where where you step. This doesn't seem to work either.

    Here's a link for a capx. I hope you guys can help, I'm stuck : (


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  • hmm i didn't understand what you want to do ? do you want that if i clicked right key it change the speech bubble? or what??

    by the way it would be better if you make the whole bubbles with the text inside of in instead of using text + sprite..

  • Two things:

    You forgot a FADE (on overlapping).

    You need another state, otherwise the Next=2 code repeats, resetting everything and you never reach the FADE. See screenshot.

  • zsangerous blackhornet solved it. I want to keep using the text functionality because it's easier to edit on the fly than editing a gif file.

    blackhornet dude thanks so much : ) Honestly, the quality of Construct's community is blowing my mind right now. Crazy how fast you can learn using the tutorials, and I can't believe that this question that's stumped me for hours is already fixed. It was worth the license already. Thanks so much for your help dude!

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