Animation Speed?

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  • Hi guys and gals, Im trying to set up some animations for when the character eats something (collisions with it) the animation starts, he eats it and the other object get destroyed but it happens so fast its impossible to appreciate. I set the animation speed to 1, set the character time object to half and such things but the animation doesnt slow down at all and it happens so fast that the animation cant be seen. Is there any way or trick to do this? Please help me.

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  • Have a look at the manual entry for the editor - check where it says about the animation bar/speed


    How many frames are there in your animation? Do you want to post the capx ?

  • RamPack, I already looked at that and it doesnt work even setting it up to 10,000. It does show a tiny bit more, but its not enough. I need something else, but... that should work right? maybe its bugged?

  • in the editor there is an animation speed (along with loop/ repeat count) and a frame speed. What are these numbers ?

  • There are 8 frames in total

    Right now they are: Speed 10000

                        Loop NO

                        Repeat Count 1

                        Repeat to 0

                        Ping Pong: NO

    And the images own frame to 10000

    But I tried 1 or 5000 and its almost no difference between them. I could post a capx but its a file over 18mb now... and its all my work there.

  • animation speed 10000? that means 10000 frames per second..

  • I meant that I tried with 1,2,3,4,10,20,100,500,1000,5000 and 10000 without luck. The animations just happens as a blink to the main character. Its like he turns big (if I didn't do the animation I would say it is a glitch) and blinks for an instant. And that's it. No way to slow it down? Is there any way to slow down the game to show the animation and then keep on going? Tried with Time rules but so far... nothing :/

  • Could it be your events are set up in a way the animation isn't playing?

    Are you sure there isn't a conflicting event setting the animation to another?

  • Are you sure there isn't a conflicting event setting the animation to another?

    That's what I think it is, but without a capx we're just shooting in the dark

  • I will make a capx showing specifically what happens later when I arrive home (might be tomorrow if its too late)

  • The event is this:

    when Slime overlaps background > set animation to "RUN"

    with a "subfolder"                    if overlapping SAW > slime - set animation to SAW

                                          saw - destroy

    There is no conflict and no other event for that animation.

    Will see later when I get home and can get access to my PC

  • So on overlap you set animation and directly destroy saw.

    if so after saw is destroyed there is no overlap anymore and slime overlaps background again and as such reverts to run animation.

    so the animation will only play one tick.

  • I see what you mean, so I will add a timer after it collides with the saw to try to fit it with the animations and see if it works. Thanks a lot for the insight LittleStain :)

  • It worked perfectly! Thanks LittleStain!!

  • If I'm not mistaking, you spare the timer and use the "On animation end" condition, from the sprite object, to revert to default animation too.

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