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  • I have a project that plays a certain animation(s)

    example. A man standing still. At the beginning the first animation puts it's right arm out and back in. The second animation puts it's right arm out and back in. and then puts it's left arm out and back in. The third animation puts its right arm out and back in then left arm out and back in then both arms out and back in.

    sometimes the animation either skips one or it plays so fast you can't tell it did anything...

    If I am making sense, would anyone know why?

    Animation speeds are all the same.

  • Need to see some of your code.

  • I would rather send them to you in a PM but unfortunately, I don't have enough time on the boards yet..:(

  • Are all frame's speed correct? Aren't you changing them at the wrong time? When animation change is it starting from beggining or currentFrame?

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  • This could be a lot of things..

    Without seeing your capx and/or a screenshot of your event-sheet it's like shooting in the dark.

    One thing you could do yourself is check if you have any conflicting events.

  • LittleStain: i would like to send you the capx but i do not have permission on the forum yet to PM you :(

  • email to: info@ website-adress on my profile

  • sent it to your "contact us" on your website. Hope that worked.

  • Ok, got it..

    I understand what you are trying to do, so I'll look into getting it the way you'd like..

  • thank you so much. Since I am still learning and this originally was created by someone else, you can see the notes i have in there.

    Just let me know what the problem was so I can keep it in my memory for future use.

    thanks again

  • Add start timer in the on timer event. and set the timer to 3 seconds in both events.

    your timer is shorter than your animations so some are skipped and some are cut off before they are complete..

  • I've tried to add this at various places on my event sheet but nothing works. I am sorry for being ignorant on this. please if possible, could you give me a little more guidance?

    thank you so much.

  • I'm not sure this fixes all, but it does help.

    <img src="" border="0" />

  • that made a difference. Still have some glitches but i can try to work them out now that I understand a little more.

    thanks again. It is much appreciated

  • To get the animation to only play once in the animation editor set the animation repeat to 0 (or should it be 1.. hmmm)

    you could also change the frame speed time to make all the animations the same time (robot has 3 more frames)

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